Types Of Warts You Must Know


Warts are one of the most common diseases which are shaped like a tiny fleshy bump appears on the skin. These warts do not require any medical diagnose because these are self-diagnosable. If you are residing in South Africa, need not to worry as wartrol south africa is easily available. Warts are of different types which are discussed as below:

  1. Planter Warts: These warts mostly grow on toes heels or on the sole of feet. These warts are harder and the black dot is covered by the outer harder white tissue.
  2. 2. Filiform warts: This type of warts is usually appeared on the armpits, around the eyelids or on the neck. The shape of filiform warts is long and thin.
  3. Mosaic Warts: These are a group of planter warts in a large cluster appear on any part of the body. The color of these warts is the same color as skin color
  4. Plane Warts: These warts are shaped like round and flat as well as smooth. The color of these warts are might be yellow-brown or might be of skin color. The mostly grow in large numbers like 20 or 100.
  5. Genital Warts: These warts are common in both in men and women. These warts are generally appeared due to sexual contact with an infected person.
  6. Periungal Warts: These warts comply appear fingers. Sometimes they grow under the nails which are bit painful. These warts are rough and irregular.
  7. Flat Warts: Flat warts commonly grow in children and young adults. These types of warts generally appear on the face and due to this stretch marks can also happen.

Ointment for Warts

Warts can be easily removed by a tropical solution named as wartrol. Wartrol is easily available. One can apply this solution directly to the infected area. This wartrol is clinically proven to remove warts on your body. One need not require any doctor’s consultant before taking this solution.