Three Tips for Keeping Your Older Honda Civic in Great Shape


Honda Civic owners are intelligent car owners, because they’ve invested in a vehicle with a strong reputation. Hondas are known to be sturdy vehicles that hold good resale value. When you’re ready to move on to a newer or larger model, you want your Civic to fetch a great price on the resale market. Here are three ways to keep your Civic looking fresh, whether it’s brand new or not so new.

1. Replace the Stock Floor Mats

If you’ve been using the Honda Civic floor mats that came with your Civic since it was new, they probably aren’t looking great. Over time, the carpeted mats become stained in ways that can’t be fixed. It’s time to replace them. Used car buyers won’t appreciate stepping on nasty mats when they take your car for a test drive.

Replacing your stock floor mats offers a second benefit. Aftermarket Honda Civic floor mats like those by Lloyd come in a wide variety of styles. You can find mats made of various materials. You can find the perfect type of mat that can meet your needs, however you use your car. If comfort is your thing, you can buy some luxurious, soft mats. If you drive in work boots, you can get heavy-duty mats.

2. Be Vigilant About Washing Your Car

Washing your car is always a good idea. But it’s especially important after your car has been exposed to weather or to elements like sand and salt. Sand (from the beach in the summer or the road in the winter) can tear up your paint. And salt can lead to rust on your Civic’s underside. Wash your Honda Civic thoroughly any time it is exposed to weather, sand, or salt.

3. Keep Your Honda Out of the Elements When You Can

The sun is really hard on your car’s exterior (and on exposed portions of the interior). Keep your Honda Civic in a garage whenever you can, whether at your home or in town. You can’t protect your car from the sun all the time, but you can and should reduce exposure.

Speaking of exposure: rain, snow, sleet, and winter weather treatments like sand and salt are also hard on your vehicle’s exterior. If you’re able, limit your driving in bad weather to extend the life of your Civic’s exterior.

Your older Honda Civic is an awesome little car. Keep it in great shape for years to come with these tips: replace your stock Honda Civic floor mats, stay vigilant about washing your car anytime it is exposed to the elements, and keep your car out of the elements as best you can.