Choosing The Best Sacramento Work Uniforms  


When choosing the right Sacramento work uniforms for your business, it is important to consider the right fabric and style for the work that is being done, your employees comfort and safety, along with corporate branding, such as logos, colors, and taglines. Customers will have a positive impression on your services or products when the employee uniforms are neat, professional, and fit the image of your business.

The best industrial and service uniforms are sold by companies that feature a wide range of options, from protective clothing used in manufacturing, medical scrubs, personalized Oxford business shirts, and even food service uniforms for chefs and wait staff. To help decide which uniforms are the a good fit for your employees, consider the following before you partner with a Sacramento work uniforms supplier.

Company Branding

Branded apparel that corresponds with your business’ color palette, text style, and logos will help to create a team environment while also promoting your business. Branded apparel is free advertising for your company and should be carefully chosen to present a quality that customers will unconsciously identify with your products or service.

Also, when employees are wearing work uniforms, it supports the idea of teamwork and collaboration. It has been shown that employees that wear work uniforms have a positive team spirit which can also boost productivity.

Right Fabric

The right fabric for work uniforms is usually a fabric that can wick moisture from the body while also staying crisp and neat looking. It doesn’t matter if workers are in an industrial, municipal, retail, or food service industry, moving, bending, and reaching will all be enhanced when the uniform fabric has some flexibility and breathability.

Choose a fabric that is built to last through repeated wear, multiple wash cycles, and will resist incidental rips and tears. Also, a fabric that is wrinkle-free is essential to presenting a professional image to clients and customers.

Promotes Comfort

Once you’ve selected the right fabric and a color scheme that matches your company branding, make sure you consider the comfort of employees that have to wear the uniform all day. If employees sit while working, the uniform should not be too tight. The same holds true for employees that must move around – except here is where the outfit should be more form fitting.

Some occupations require uniforms to be merely functional, as a protective layer to be worn over regular clothing. In this case, make sure the uniforms have adjustable features such as elastic bands, buttons, or wrap ties.

Safety Considerations

In manufacturing, it is necessary to avoid certain uniform embellishments to give employees an extra layer of protection. Safety considerations such as steel-toed boots, flame retardant materials, and the elimination of any strings or fabric that can get entangled in machinery should be considered. For any work environment, a uniform that is extra baggy or has sleeves that are too long, will add an extra chance for workplace injury.

For a full selection of Sacramento Work Uniforms, contact us for a wide selection to fit your company colors, style, and employee comfort.