2019 Pizza Trends You Need to Know


Every new year usually generates a storm of what will be hot and trending in the year ahead, and 2019 is no different. This year promises to be a good year for pizza lovers all over the world.

Although it may not be among the top things that most people fancy, that doesn’t mean that the tasty pie is going anywhere anytime soon. With endless opportunities to customize it to your liking, pizza is going to remain the go-to classic dish and a crowd pleaser.

So, what should you expect to see and enjoy when you enter any pizza restaurant Laval outlet in 2019?  Here are some of the top pizza trends of 2019.

Cauliflower Crust

If you are looking for a healthier alternative to the traditional pizza crust, then the cauliflower crust is the best alternative. Not only is it a healthy alternative but it is also gluten-free.

 Cauliflower crust recipes have been making headlines all over the internet, and the trend doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. The health-conscious and gluten-free alternative such as cauliflower crusts is a unique option that you can always add to your pizza menu.

Change in Ordering Behavior

The most popular way for Canadians to order their pizza over the past few years has been through a phone call. For instance, in 2015, pizza ordering by phone accounted for almost 40% of all ordered pizzas.

Walk-up counters accounted for almost 20% while sit-down pizzerias accounted for 22%. Internet ordering accounted for only 10%. However, things are changing, and today, most Canadians prefer to order their pizza through the internet or walk into any pizza restaurant Laval outlet and enjoy their pie.

In 2019, we expect internet ordering to go up. More Canadians also prefer buying their pizza from food trucks close to them. Whenever someone needs pizza, all they have to do is to find local food trucks near them and purchase their favorite pie flavor.

Non-Tomato Based Sauces

Certain trends don’t seem to change, and the willingness of some people to try out unique pizza sauces is one trend that won’t change anytime soon. Whether it is to garner likes and follows on social media or to satisfy their tastebuds, many people out there are still clamoring to get their hands on some unique pizzas with non-tomato based sauces.

Some of the unique sauce ideas include olive tapenade or Alfredo sauce on top. Not ready to be that adventurous, but still want to try out something unique? Well, adding a slice of pizza that is topped with barbecue or pesto sauce on your menu is always a great alternative.

The Rise of Square-Shaped Pizza

Growing up, you may have associated square pizza with made-in-bulk pizza that was often served in school cafeterias, but that isn’t the case anymore. This is the right time to say hello to the Detroit-Style pizza that features a distinctive square shape.

In a Detroit-Style pizza, toppings go first then the sauce. Despite its unconventional appearance, this type of pizza is making a splash in many cities in North America. If the Detroit-Style pizza hasn’t hit your town yet, you should be prepared to see it there soon. You will soon see them in pizza restaurants and even food trucks near you.